Rachael has been a part of SMG Strategies since 2019 as a Community Manager. Rachael is a senior at Grand Valley State University finishing her bachelor’s of liberal arts focused in gender, labor, and human rights.

Rachael comes from a background in journalism and childcare, and has also spent the better part of ten years in customer service-oriented positions. Her education and passion for social justice issues, specifically those related to women and family living conditions around the globe, has inspired her to pursue advocacy and social change work post-graduation. More recently, she volunteered with the Literacy Center of West Michigan as an English tutor, where she was able to witness the powerful effects of literacy development firsthand.

From overcoming her own limited beliefs about who she is and what she can achieve as a young woman in a competitive world, to experiencing varying levels of gender-based restrictions in different settings, Rachael understands how socially constructed gender roles can undermine career and political opportunities for women and non-cisgendered people in different parts of the world. She’s excited to work with SMG Strategies to help empower more women to take up leadership roles within their communities and advocate for social change on behalf of all underrepresented populations.

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