Nonprofit Advocacy Trainings

Training for nonprofit organizations ready to jump-start their policy impact.


In this six-hour workshop, we present the rules governing nonprofit lobbying and election activities, and the multitude of ways nonprofits can – and should – play a role in government policymaking. Tailored to the participating organizations, we cover legal and effective advocacy tactics, tips for incorporating advocacy into your existing budget and staff/volunteer capacity, and measures for evaluating your successes. Throughout the workshop, participants actively build their own advocacy plan, and leave with the framework and information necessary to finalize their plans, garner board approval, and embark on creating positive policy changes for the communities they serve. 

Nonprofit ADVOCACY 101

Yes, 501(c)(3) nonprofits absolutely can – and should – lobby the legislature, support or oppose ballot measures, and work with voters during elections. In our 3-hour Nonprofit Advocacy 101 workshop, SMG Strategies demystifies the rules for nonprofit legislative and election engagement, debunks the myths around nonprofit lobbying and electoral activities, and provides tips for expanding your nonprofit’s efforts and strategies for achieving your advocacy goals. Participants leave with a better understanding of the impact nonprofits can have on government decisions and democratic participation. 


Otherwise known as “Advocacy Tips and Tactics,” our Advocacy TnT workshop helps nonprofit organizations identify effective strategies for influencing legislative decisions and increasing voter engagement in the communities they serve. Starting with a quick overview of the rules governing nonprofit legislative and election engagement, we quickly move into the latest trends in nonprofit advocacy tactics and help participants consider they many ways they can incorporate advocacy into their mission-driven services and activities.