Khai Hasan (they, them, theirs) is a 2019 intern at SMG Strategies and a student at Grand Valley State University.

Growing up in a Muslim and South Asian family, Khai has always been greatly invested in social justice and equity, having deep concerns over the state of their own surrounding social, economic, and political environment. This concern led to their involvement in many different local initiatives and demonstrations promoting human rights and activism, especially efforts involving racial discrimination and LGBTQ+ rights. Civic engagement and representation in government has consequently always been a large factor in Khai’s life and beliefs, leading to Khai’s involvement with SMG Strategies. Khai is interested in how their work facilitating civic engagement through SMG Strategies can benefit minorities in campaigns for elected office and help create a better and more diverse government that will work for all communities.

Khai is currently attending Grand Valley State University as a full-time student, and is working towards their bachelors in Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies. After graduating with their bachelors, Khai hopes to go on and achieve a masters in social work. Khai is planning for a career in the nonprofit sector, specifically working on LGBTQ+ youth advocacy and economic justice.