Straightforward guidance for organizations leading GRASSROOT change and civic engagement programs

Nonprofits, businesses, social service agencies, and unions are all impacted by decisions made by federal, state, county, and municipal governments. So why do so many choose not to participate in civic dialogue? We can help you become a leader in civic engagement in legal and practical ways.

Many groups are held back by the fears, myths, and stigmatism tied to political and civic engagement. SMG Strategies will help your organization’s leadership, staff, and volunteers navigate the legal and practical ways your institution – even 501(c)(3) nonprofits – can successfully participate in civic engagement, including voter registration, education, and mobilization; lobbying and political advocacy; community organizing; town halls and candidate forums; and ballot measure campaigns.

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Our training, consulting, and coaching services are highly customizable to your organization’s goals and capacity. We have worked with organizations across the country, both on-site and off-site. Please contact us to schedule a time to talk.