No-nonsense political coaching and campaign planning tailored to you

We believe that politics doesn’t have to be a complicated machine to be successful. Using a style that is energizing and interactive, SMG Strategies can help you demystify the political process and lead a political life. Our political campaign planning, election strategy, and coaching services are open to people of all experience levels and backgrounds — from aspiring political candidates to established appointed and elected officials and civic-minded institutions. Wherever you’re starting from, we can be your personal guide on the path to political success.

Customizable Candidate Coaching & Campaign Strategy Services

  • Initial Candidate Consultation: A private, one-on-one session to help you define your political ambitions, clearly articulate your vision for change, and map the successive elected offices you need to attain in order to achieve your vision. During the Initial Candidate Consultation we will use several exercises and tools to identify your destination, map out your short-term and long-term political goals, consider the landscape you will run in, and survey your personal environment.

  • Candidate Assessment: An intense examination of your own personal and political strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. The Candidate Assessment session is a confidential meeting between SMG Strategies and the candidate (or potential candidate), and builds upon the political ambitions map and information assembled during and after the Initial Candidate Consultation. Our Candidate Assessment session uses a series of exercises to deeply explore the history, experience, skills, and leadership qualities you bring to the table.

  • Candidate Advisor Retainer: “Reality checker,” “on-call sounding board,” “sanity insurance” – call it what you will, our Candidate Advisor Retainer is a guarantee that the candidate always has a trusted confidante she or he can rely on to talk through issues, bounce ideas off of, air concerns and frustrations, and seek advice from in crisis situations. The Candidate Advisor service is provided to the candidate personally for counseling, campaign advice, and self-preservation. Our no-nonsense and practical approach to political leadership will help you to navigate your political path and win elections with your sanity and common sense in tact.

  • Campaign Plan Development: Tailored for any type of campaign – including candidate, advocacy, civic engagement, ballot measure, legislative, and public education campaigns – SMG Strategies will help you map out your campaign plan. Your key campaign staff or volunteers will all participate in this session to ensure that everyone on your team is working off the same map. SMG Strategies will facilitate your core team as it builds the campaign plan and timeline, and will advise on best practices, winning strategies, and effective tactics for every step of the plan.


Considering your next step?

We’d love to hear about your political ambitions — contact us to schedule a time to talk! We work with aspiring and current political candidates across the country, and all of our services are customizable based on your goals and campaign needs.

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SMG Strategies provided excellent coaching that far surpasses any political advice I have ever received. Shannon, founder and president of the organization, told me to “always stick to your plan, no matter what your opponent is doing,” and this was what I repeated to my team over and over again. Our goal was to compete against ourselves and execute what we thought was best, not to be reactive to our surroundings. Shannon’s help led us to a win, and not just any win — a historical win in the primary! Thanks, SMG Strategies!
— Senita Lenear, Grand Rapids City Commissioner, First African American woman elected to Grand Rapids City Commission