Public Sector Consultants- Multiple Job Openings

Positions available at Public Sector Consultants:

-Vice President

-Catamaran Director

-Senior Consultant for Talent & Economics

Please visit their website to apply:

Below is a description of Public Sector Consultants:

PSCers take great pride in the fact that we write well, think clearly, and can speak articulately (albeit sometimes a little too long) about all kinds of topics. We are scholars and athletes, number crunchers and poets, big thinkers and meticulous doers, fierce introverts and charismatic extroverts. While we all share an unwavering commitment to excellence, we also celebrate—and enjoy kidding each other about—our eccentricities. PSC is that rare place where you can be true to yourself and your passions while still working collectively toward an important and common goal—making a difference for our clients and the people we serve.