We want to help you achieve your political ambition.

SMG Strategies helps current and aspiring political leaders embrace their political ambitions and plot their paths to elected and appointed offices. We also assist nonprofits, unions, and political organizations with grassroots organizing, campaign planning, leadership development, and activist trainings. Founded by Shannon Garrett, a seasoned political strategist, SMG Strategies combines 20 years of experience with a no-nonsense approach. Our services include training, planning, and coaching to candidates and civic-minded institutions, with an emphasis on engaging underrepresented communities in the political process.


What We Believe

As you might expect, working in politics has led us to develop some opinions of our own. These principles guide our client relationships and sit at the heart of why the company was founded. We believe that:

Political leadership belongs to all of us.  The current make-up of political leadership throughout the United States suggests that only a certain type of person can run and win. This simply is not true, but the reality is that diverse experience is missing from political decisions – and that means our communities are missing out on much-needed dialogue and progress. SMG Strategies is dedicated to empowering more people to claim their space in the political world, especially those from underrepresented constituencies. Political decisions impact all of us; it logically follows then that all of us can and should aspire to political leadership.

Diverse perspectives call for fewer “cookie cutter” candidates.  And that means “cookie cutter” support is out of the question, too. At SMG Strategies, you are not treated like just another part of the political machine. We focus on your distinct story, your personal leadership and political goals, and the unique needs of your campaign. You will receive training, coaching, and on-call guidance that are tailored to you.

Success starts with owning your ambition. The first vote you cast for yourself happens long before Election Day. It happens on the day that you give voice to your political ambition. For many people, this is an intimidating first step. Our campaign trainings and candidate coaches will help you take that step by demystifying the political process, by creating a space where your ambition can be named and nurtured, and by guiding you step-by-step on your path to success.

Politics does not have to be complicated to be effective. Let’s be honest: politics is not rocket science. Strategic? Yes. Challenging? Absolutely. But totally complex and reserved only for those with a certain pedigree? No. Therefore, our no-nonsense approach comes with a heavy dose of practical thinking to help you navigate your political life and win elections with your common sense – and sanity – intact.


Who We Are

SMG is powered by a team of collaborators across Michigan. If there is a collaborator you would like to work with, just fill out the contact information in the bio on their page. We are always accepting new interns- email us if you’re interested in interning with us.

I went to a training in Michigan while I was still undecided about whether I should run for office. It was inspiring to see so many other women in the room exploring the same questions! The training SMG Strategies arranged was tailored to challenges women face as candidates and public leaders and that made it even more helpful and meaningful for a first-time candidate like me.
— Stephanie Chang, Michigan State Representative, First Asian American woman elected to Michigan Legislature