Shannon Garrett at a Training

Campaign planning, political leadership, and civic engagement trainings that are practical and energizing

Our trainings break down common barriers on an individual’s path to politics, build practical skills, and engage participants in preparing their personal story for running for political office. Helping people move past the fear of running for office is one of our specialties – and we love doing it in a way that is fun and engaging.

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Candidate Essentials: Envision Your Political Path
Fundraising Essentials: Fund Your Political Ambition
Fundraising Intensive: Get Fearless about Fundraising
Voter Engagement Essentials: Meet Your Voters
Political Messaging Essentials: Tell Your Own Story


Campaign Intensive: Map Your Path to Political Ambition
Leadership Intensive: Name and Navigate Your Personal Ambition
Voter Engagement Intensive: Yard Signs Don’t Vote (Meaningful and Effective GOTV)
Political Messaging Intensive: Amplify Your Voice and Share Your Vision
Public Speaking Intensive: More Than Talking Points
Advocacy Intensive: Navigate the Intersection of Politics & Social Change


The Fundraising Experience: Practical Ways to Fuel Your Political Ambition
Public Speaking Workshop: The Floor Is Yours
Advocacy Workshop: Map Your Path to Social Change
The Debate Experience: Avoid Debacles & Dominate Public Forums

Customized Trainings

SMG Strategies is also available for private trainings, and we can tailor our group trainings to suit your team and goals. Contact us to discuss your needs.